Our strategy: your path to success

Our tried and tested strategy ensures that you receive a quality service.


Our team of professionals are held to the highest standards. Our experience has led us to develop a methodology that produces consistent results right across the board.

These are the key elements of our successful strategy:



Our IT auditing and IT due diligence services can be tailored to suit your needs.  Typically, a member of our team will visit the site for detailed discussions with any IT staff in situ and then prepare a comprehensive but understandable report. Our case-specific technology audit and data gathering provide us with a detailed and comprehensive picture of your existing network architecture, IT infrastructure and working environment. Our objective is to make state-of-the-art technology work for you.



Our research and analysis is summarised in a proposal designed to convey the detailed findings of our team in an accessible form. Our recommendations include clearly defined objectives and a recommended course of action. For example, a typical report might cover: 


  • staff (competency and structure)
  • documentation (systems/processes)
  • IT security (including Internet)
  • robustness and resilience (including equipment)
  • software licencing (is there an issue with unlicensed software?)
  • back-ups and disaster recovery (should the worst happen, how quickly could the business recover?)
  • networking and infrastructure (cables, servers)
  • missed opportunities (what could be improved for the benefit of the new owners?).

We aim to produce reports with an easy-to-read overview, which may include using colour coding (green/amber/red) to shows the status of each part of the business’s IT systems.


For a selection of sample reports that you can download please visit the Clients and sample reports page.



It's part of our job at Start Services to make sure that your technology performs at its best as well as being secure at all times. We can advise on solutions that continuously monitor, assess and track the performance and security of your network and applications.


To discuss how we can help you ensure you are getting the most out of your IT systems, call us on 0845 612 2404 or send us an email.